Test on Work Essential Skills (TOWES)

Test on Work Essential Skills

Why is TOWES needed

TOWES measures workplace essential skills, which differ from the academic skills measured by academic credentials such as grade 12 diplomas. Conversely, research shows that many people who have not graduated have the essential skills required for many jobs.

TOWES provides a uniform national standard that will help enhance productivity and our overall quality of life

Why take TOWES?

TOWES can help improve your job prospects.If you already have a job, TOWES will identify gaps in essential skills that can be addressed to improve your career options. Your TOWES score shows employers, that you have workplace essential skills. They will feel more comfortable hiring you … and paying you accordingly.

Why is TOWES different?

TOWES is different because it uses authentic workplace documents, unlike many academic tests that assess grammar, composition skills and factual knowledge.

TOWES tests for three essential workplace skills: reading text, document use and numeracy.There are different levels of TOWES tests depending on the skills required for a particular job

TOWES has been validated through extensive field-testing across Canada. It links with a major initiative of Human Resources and skills Development Canada that has profiled the essential skills needed in over 200 different occupations.
See: www.hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca

Did you know?

  • Essential Skills are the skills needed for work, learning and life. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve within their jobs and adapt to workplace changes.
  • 47% of workers don't have the 3 essential skills related to the productivity and safety, which are the reading, the calculation and the use of documents?
  • They are the skills employees need to perform their work safely, thoroughly and efficiently.

To get more information on TOWES communicate with Marie Christine Gill at 1-800-267-2483 extension 4051 or the following email address: mcgill@lacitec.on.ca