Increase transferrable skills for employment (ITSE)

ITSE is a project to develop an online language training.

ITSE aims to develop the basic language skills of English and French from NCLC and CLB 2-3-4.

ITSE will help increase employment-related language skills for customer service and health and safety tasks that are performed in a non-demanding language environment.

ITSE is intended for learners who do not have access to face-to-face classes because of their remoteness or their life circumstances.

ITSE is a platform that showcases the institution in a Francophone situation while allowing learners with French as their language of choice to be included for whom training in a Francophone context would contribute to their establishment.

ITSE is an online training in self learning combined with online conversation modules.

ITSE will allow learners to move from one level to another if they demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge and skills of each level by taking an assessment test. Completion certificates will be issued.

ITSE will be offered free as of June 2019.

For information contact Nicole Olivier by email