Développer et Améliorer la compétence bilingue en emploi (DACBE)

Iimprove my bilingualism

Develop and improve bilingual competence in employment

This new language training project of La Cité des Affaires is intended for people of different immigrant status.

Training for the administration sector
starting February 19th 2019

This training approach aims at bilingual competence in employment. In training, you will be learning with Francophone and Anglophones. You learn and converse with second-language people who are doing the same thing with you in a classroom situation.

Are you interested in this training?
REGISTER BY February 14th 2019

Contact Nicole Olivier
dacbe@lacitec.on.ca  or by phone at 613-742-2483 ext. 2186

Job searcher or already in job
in the field of administration or health

You are a person with an immigrant background, in Canada for less than 10 years?

Do you have to be bilingual for a position in administration or health?

You have acquired skills in the other language and wish to promote your bilingualism?

Are you available 6 hours a week for 8 consecutive weeks?

To be eligible you will have to;

  •  Make a service request
  •  Demonstrate that you have the education required for a position in the field of administration or health
  •  Receive an assessment of French based on Canadian Language Benchmarks and an assessment of English based on the Canadian Language Benchmark.
  •  Have passed level 7 for the first language and level 6 in the second language.
  •  Disburse an amount of $ 153 to receive training

Employers in the fields of administration or health

You want your employees to be bilingual?

You are looking for a way to validate their bilingualism in a work situation?

You want an employment training?

Contact us to explore options for your workplace.

What we offer;

  • An assessment of the bilingual skills of targeted employees from immigration
  • Workplace training for groups of 12
  • Targeted employees are in mixed groups of Francophones and Anglophones
  • The training lasts 8 weeks continuously by levels of bilingualism. There are 3 possible levels.
  • In-class training is 6 hours per week (two periods of 3 hours per week) and online 3 hours per week.
  • Fees are $153 per learner.

This approach is based on the Bilingual Competence Framework. For more information see the following site; http://crcb.lacitedesaffaires.com/accueil.html

  Nicole Olivier
dacbe@lacitec.on.ca  or by phone at 613-742-2483 ext. 2186